Set inside the most technologically advanced theater in the world, Awakening is Wynn’s brand-new spectacular production that will have you gasping in awe and delight from beginning to end.  Follow Awakening’s brave heroine and her two companions as they journey through a world of myth and magic on a quest to restore love and beauty to the world. Narrated by the iconic voice of Anthony Hopkins.  Every seat offers a stunning view of the stage due to the custom-designed 360-degree stage, so you won’t miss a single moment of this breathtaking production that’s filled with gorgeous costumes, graceful acrobatics, and a beautiful original score experience through their state-of-the-art surround sound system.




Get ready to be amazed when immersive wireless lighting technology merges with, music, dance, and plenty of laughs perfect for the whole family. Named the “Best Act in America” by America’s Got Talent, iLuminate has brought their unique, imaginative idea to the Las Vegas stage. The brainchild of dancer and software engineer Miral Kotb, iLuminate has guest starred with artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, and Christina Aguilera and appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Voice,” “The X Factor,” “Dancing with the Stars” and “Good Morning America.”  The show leads audiences through an electrifying performance that takes place in the dark. Masterful choreography pairs with LED light technology to create a unique visual experience where dancers appear and disappear, musical instruments float in the air, and body isolations combine for interesting formations. Each new scene creates a unique “room” that transforms the stage over and over again. iLuminate is one of Vegas’ most fascinating new shows, and as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, you know it’s going to be fantastic. So grab your tickets today, because iLuminate is an experience that’s sure to be the most fun you’ll ever have in the dark.



Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond has also appeared on Broadway and gave the voice to Disney Mulan’s hit song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”  Don’t miss Donny Osmond’s triumphant return to Sin City and get tickets to his new residency at Harrah’s today!



Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

Best known for his role on the Emmy award-winning sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett returns to his Vegas roots with his own comedy club inside the MGM Grand. Garrett started performing in Vegas in the ’80s as an opening act to big-name performers including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Liza Minnelli. With almost 25 years as a headliner on the Las Vegas Strip, Garrett always wanted to open a club in the city that helped launch his career. Before opening his club at the MGM Grand, Garrett operated a club at the Tropicana. His newest club features established comedians and up-and-coming acts. Garrett himself only performs from time-to-time, but the comedians that regularly take the stage are sure to have you falling out of your seat laughing.



Black Girl Magic

Is your sweet tooth aching for some chocolate beauties? Do you crave something decadent and luscious? Well, you’re in luck because the sensuous ladies of Black Girl Magic have just the cure.  Join Las Vegas’s only all-black female burlesque troupe as they take you on a fantasy-filled journey featuring sexy rhythmic vignettes set to the sultry and soulful sounds of R&B music. From solo sets like the Sexy Surse and Cowgirl “Rider” to provacotive group performances, this one-of-a-kind show celebrates the power and beauty that is the melanated woman. Hosted by Hollywood actress Eurika Pratts at the historic LaMarre Theater, Black Girl Magic is an engaing show that will leave you wanting more.  Get your tickets to Black Girl Magic today and save with our exclusive discount pricing.



Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club

The prodigal son has returned! **trumpets blair** Well, sort of. Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade is the place to be for household names and up-and-coming talent in the comedy world, even if the big guy himself isn’t in the building. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to share some not-so-breaking news: Jimmy Kimmel is from Las Vegas. Yes, you read that correctly, he may be big-timing it up in Hollywood now, but he was raised beneath the buzzing neon of the Strip, baby. And he’s come home to pay it forward with his own comedy club. But he’s not just slapping his name on the building and calling it a day. Because he got his start as a comic, he knows what it takes to maximize talent. That’s why every inch of this dual-level 8,000 square-foot venue has been personally designed by Kimmel. Cheap tickets to Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade are available now.



ROUGE – The Sexiest Show in Vegas!

for adults who love raunchy humor and plenty of gorgeous, scantily clad men and women, Rouge: The Sexiest Show in Vegas lives up to its name and will delight you from beginning to end.  Rouge has no weak moment throughout the entire production, but one of the most unique vignettes is their French Revolution themed piece that includes a very randy Marie Antoinette, a balancing ballet dancer on pointe shoes, fully bedazzled gowns with sky-high powdered wigs to match, and a cheeky, laugh out loud reveal that we won’t spoil to keep you surprised.  This show at the STRAT combines these voyeuristic performers with acrobatics, aerial stunts, contortionists, comedians, and much more. From the creators of WOW and Extravaganza comes the sexiest new Vegas addition! Transport yourself into the sexy, immersive world of ROUGE. Get your tickets today!



Carrot Top

Picking a comedy show to see in Vegas is a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the research for you—we know you deserve the best while visiting the Strip! So, make your way down to the Luxor and check out Carrot Top, one of Vegas’s best comedy residencies for over 25 years. This guy is an absolute riot, combining comical commentary on current events with outrageous prop comedy. He’s got a trunk full of bizarre items, including several of his own inventions, which add an extra layer of hilarity to his jokes. Add in his wacky personality, over-the-top red hair, and the fact that he barely takes the time to breathe between jokes, and you’re in for a show that will have you doubled over laughing from start to finish. It’s no wonder that he’s been praised as both “Entertainer of the Year” and “Comedian of the Year.” His shows are, quite simply, one heck of a good time. Trust us—you don’t want to miss an opportunity to see this guy in person!




Las Vegas Monorail

actions along the Las Vegas Strip. The train stops are located at the back of each hotel, making the walk 15 minutes or less within each resort. Trains arrive every few minutes, so you’re quickly connected to world-class resorts, hotel and casinos, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and the Las Vegas Convention Center. Noted as one of the most technologically-advanced transportation systems in the world, Monorail Las Vegas is the first fully-automated system for driverless operation. It provides fail-safe protection through its software and equipment. The Las Vegas monorail is also open to those with a wheelchair, motorized scooters or walker. In addition to designated safety areas on the train, the stations have elevators that go up to the train station’s platform. Children five and younger ride free. They must be able to be carried through the fare gates and accompanied by a paying adult. Strollers are permitted, but must be locked and stored away inside the train.  Guests must bring their confirmation number and/or voucher with photo ID to the check-in station.  Monorail Las Vegas hours of operation are as follows: Monday: 7 a.m. – Midnight Tuesday – Thursday: 7 a.m. – 2 a.m. Friday- Sunday: 7 a.m. – 3a.m. The customer service booth is open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Pick-up and drop-off stations include:  Horseshoe Las Vegas / Paris (one location) Boingo Station at Las Vegas Convention Center Harrah’s/The LINQ (one location) Flamingo Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino SAHARA Las Vegas / Sahara Avenue Additionally, there are security officers who watch the area and assist guests with any travel process needs.



Vegas SuperKarts

Have you ever wanted to rip a Sodikart SR5 around some hairpin turns and fast acceleration straightaways? Dumb question, because of course you have. The better question to ask is “how many times have you dreamt about doing it?” Now, thanks to Vegas SuperKarts by Exotics Racing, you can turn your dream into a high-octane reality. Look, we get it, you’re probably wondering how fast a “superkart” can actually go. Well, these ain’t your daddy’s county fair go-karts, ok. These Sodikart SR5’s are the real-deal-Holyfield. These bad boys pack a powerful 4-stroke Honda gas engine that offers top-level performance and handling while reaching unmatched speeds. If that doesn’t get the oil in your veins bubbling, wait until you put rubber to asphalt on the outdoor 1,600-foot long dedicated racetrack with speed-inducing straightaways and 14 jaw-clenching turns. What are you waiting for? Vegas SuperKarts by Exotics Racing is what racing dreams are made of. Oooh that just made the hairs on our neck stand up.



Museum of Illusions

Discover a brilliant collection of perspective-changing rooms, enthralling installations, and spellbinding images. Our exhibits will teach you that nothing is ever quite as it seems, especially in the Museum of Illusions Las Vegas. Get ready to be mesmerized! Engage in mind-bending installations that will shock your senses, puzzle your perceptions, and astonish you. Hang out with your clones, swap noses with your friends, and serve your head on a platter. Dive into the amazing world of the unbelievable and the impossible! Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of illusions and let our captivating rooms play tricks on your mind! Get a glimpse of infinity, take a walk in the upside-down world, and grow and shrink your body all in one place.  Amusing and captivating tricks will teach you about vision, perception, and the mysterious ways of the human brain. What you see and what you think you see are two completely different concepts – see for yourself!



Bodies The Exhibition

Preserving the bodies To keep the specimens in top condition without decaying, they go through a method known as polymer preservation, in which all of the tissue and water is replaced with silicone rubber. First, each specimen must be preserved to stop decay. Next, it’s dissected to feature specific parts of the body. Once dissected, the specimen is immersed in acetone. This process removes all body water. After the acetone process, the specimen is placed in a silicone polymer bath and sealed in a vacuum chamber. During this stage, the acetone leaves the body in the form of gas and the silicone polymer replaces it, entering each cell and body tissue. A catalyst is then applied to the specimen, which hardens it and completes the process. Experts are available at the exhibit for guests who have further questions. With a name like Bodies in Las Vegas, it’s easy to assume you’re going to a topless show. But Bodies…The Exhibition at the Luxor is even more revealing. Bodies will easily trump any science lab dissection you’ve done in school. With an intricate, 3-D vision of the human form, visitors get the chance to see real bodies, preserved along with their inner organs. The exhibit showcases 13 whole-body specimens from China and more than 260 organs and partial body specimens. There are multiple rooms dedicated to different parts of the body, including the muscular, skeletal, circulatory and respiratory systems. There is also a more sensitive section of the exhibition showing fetal development. Guests can see different stages of a baby’s development, from eight weeks old to eight months, as well as fetuses with various birth defects, such as conjoined twins. This exhibit is located in its own private area, so those who feel uncomfortable viewing it can skip to the next section. It is both startling and informative to see so many body parts and inner organs out in the open when they are usually tucked safely away under your skin. One wouldn’t expect such an intricate part of the nervous system, like the spinal cord, to resemble a clump of seaweed. The tongue, meanwhile, looks a bit like a small, thick cut of steak (Would you like that medium-rare or well-done?). One of the more startling sights in the exhibit is the display of a smoker’s lung in the respiratory section. Visitors can see and compare a healthy lung to a blackened smoker’s lung. There is also a brain on display here from a person who suffered a stroke — ironically it looks a bit like the inside of an ashtray. After reading some scary, mind-opening facts (like a single pack of cigarettes takes four hours and 40 minutes off your life), you may think twice about puffing. For the guests’ convenience, there is a cigarette disposal bin nearby. Bodies also offers enrichment that helps visitors improve their quality of life and prevent diseases. Reading the quick facts on the wall is almost as interesting as checking out the specimens. For instance, did you know eating breakfast really does help improve your memory? There are plenty of benches scattered throughout the facility for guests who want to sit down and take a break. For those who want an in-depth description about particular displays, audio wands are available for $5. Expert docents can also answer questions. Visitors are encouraged to write their impressions of Bodies in one of several guest books at the end of the exhibition. As for those who want to take a little piece of Bodies home with them, the gift shop features some a collection of books, incense holders, models, key chains, souvenirs and educational doodads for kids.  



Vegas Off-Road Experience

Fulfill your adventure hero fantasy by taking high-flying jumps and speed through turns at Vegas Off-Road Experience.  After a quick class with one of their Experience Specialists, you’ll get your pick of either a Polaris Razor UTV or a genuine Baja Race Truck. With your instructor in the passenger seat, you’ll put the pedal to the metal on their 1.4-mile off-road course that has eight gravity-defying jumps, high-speed corners, and even a 60-foot tabletop jump. Drivers are encouraged to take full advantage of these speed machines. So kick up some dust and get ready for an adrenaline rush with the Vegas Off-Road Experience.



Grand Canyon West Admission

The Grand Canyon stretches over 1,902 square miles and is one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world. And lucky for you, the West Rim is only a short car ride away from the Las Vegas Strip. Located on the local Hualapai tribe’s reservation, The Grand Canyon West Rim gives visitors the ability to customize their adventure. Conquer your fear of heights on the 4,000-feet high glass-bottomed sky bridge or get your adrenaline pumping with a 3,200-foot zip line located only a mile away at Hualapai Ranch. This authentic old western town also features cozy cabins, horseback riding and lasso lessons. Your general admission ticket includes a hop-on/hop-off shuttle that’ll whisk you away to multiple points of interest. Eagle Point doesn’t just feature the Skywalk, it also has the Native American Village, where artists can show off their crafts and cultural dances in the outdoor amphitheater. Guano Point includes the Highpoint Hike that leads to a breathtaking overlook of the winding Colorado River. Once your hike is complete, have a bite to eat while taking in a 360 view of the landscape at the Guano Point Cafe.



The Escape Game Las Vegas

me is one of the best new attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. Here’s how it works: You and your team will work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately complete a mission. Each game has multiple rooms to explore. Choose from a variety of themes and difficulties. Ask your Game Guide for as many hints as you want! Our games are designed to be epic for everyone – from the experienced gamer to the newbie who’s never played. Each experience is thrilling, family-friendly, and a guaranteed good time! Immerse yourself in five interactive stories that include a risky prison break, a treasure hunt for mobster riches, an espionage-style museum heist, a mysterious undersea laboratory, or a special ops mission. **All games have the potential to be shared experiences, meaning other players can book in to join your game**



The Big Apple Coaster

Where can you experience towering drops, multiple loops and stunning views of the Strip? Located on the popular intersection of Tropicana Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd., the Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York is hard to miss. Set in a perfect postcard shot, its surroundings include a replica of the New York harbor, a 150-foot model of the Statue of Liberty as well as several of Manhattan’s popular buildings. And to make things even more fun, the roller coaster trains are designed like New York taxicabs.  The ride begins with a steep hill, building great suspense and anticipation. Enjoy the aerial view of the south end of the Strip while you can, because before you know it, you’re plummeting down a 144-foot drop. The intensity continues with loops, corkscrews and hills, speeding up to 67 miles per hour. After the ride, you’ll feel surprisingly energized. Don’t forget to stop and see your photo, which is available for sale.




The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Tower

while the STRAT Select rooms have MP3 alarm clocks, 42-inch flat-screen TVs and safes. If views are important to you, we recommend you upgrade to a room that’s located on a higher floor or has a Strip view. What shows and concerts are playing at The STRAT?: Shows at The STRAT include: Iluminate, Rouge: The Sexiest Show in Vegas!, Banachek’s Mind Games, and LA Comedy Club What is there to do at The STRAT?: The STRAT offers some of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip via The STRAT observation deck and rides including Big Shot, SkyJump, X-Screem at the top of the tower. What makes The STRAT unique?: The STRAT (formerly Stratosphere) is known for its outrageous height, jetting into the stratosphere and providing some of the best views of the Las Vegas Valley.



Park MGM Las Vegas

Smack dab between the center and south end of the Strip, Park MGM combines grand-style architecture with a calm and earthy attitude. The vibe: Lush color schemes paired with earthy elegance, Park MGM instills a sense of serenity with a smidge of European flair. What we love: Park MGM is different from anything you’ll see anywhere else on the Strip.  We are living for their self-check-in kiosks! These kiosks are hassle free and eliminate the lines we all dread when normally checking into a hotel. On average, it takes about three minutes to get everything you need: your room and your keys. Not a techy? No worries, because Park MGM has people on-hand to assist if needed.  Another thing you’ll appreciate is the hotel’s prime location. Everything, including world-class entertainment at T-Mobile Arena and Dolby Live at Park MGM, is walking distance. The hotel even has a free tram that takes you to ARIA, Bellagio, Vdara and The Shops at Crystals. So not only is it in a good location, it can take you to other famous locations on the Strip, too.  Last, but not least, Primrose. This cute, little French-inspired restaurant is sure to steal your heart. They have a gorgeous outdoor patio and a stunning entry way that will inspire your inner home decorator. And the food definitely matches the vanity.   Insider tips: Park MGM definitely paid close attention to detail, like real close. Subtle details flood the insides of Juniper Cocktail Lounge, Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar, and Best Friend.  First off, Bavette’s isn’t just the perfect place for a savory steak, they also have a speakeasy in the back. To get there, you basically have to walk straight into the back wall where you’ll find a hidden doorway on the right.  Juniper Cocktail Lounge has a jaw-dropping cocktail program. Order the “No Judgement”  and see the top of your drink literally set ablaze. Calling their mixologists “lit” is an understatement.  Oh, don’t think we forgot about the BetMGM Sportsbook and Bar after those fancy fire tricks. This is the best place to grab a quick meal for a super affordable price. Our all-time favorite feature is their weigh and pay menu. If you’re someone who doesn’t like big portions or leftovers, this is made for you. They weigh your food on a scale and you pay for it. It’s that simple. This is the best way to grab just the right amount of food without waste.   Good to know: Eataly is the ultimate in culinary exploration with tons of restaurants and counter-service spots to try. This fantastic spot also offers guests the ability to purchase these premium ingredients to test out their own cooking skills. So go ahead and take a trip to Italy with you tastebuds before bringing home these gourmet meats, cheeses, and sauces to enjoy again later.



Las Vegas Hilton at Resorts World

to bringing their guests a great time. Their pool complex covers over 5.5 acres with nine separate sparkling pools, each with its own style and vibe. Our personal favorite is the massive infinity pool that overlooks the flashing neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip.  Their nightlife options are just as diverse, with the killer AYU Dayclub that’ll transport you to the idyllic islands of Southeast Asia and the Zouk Nightclub, the most technologically advanced dance party in Las Vegas.



The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

trus and ginger burst into your mouth. Where else can you get an experience like that (assuming you’ve moved on from the days of pop rocks and soda)?  If you’re looking for a fine-dining experience on a budget, skip dinner and indulge in a little midday gluttony. Estiatorio Milos boasts some of the freshest and most-mouthwatering seafood in the desert and their three-course lunch menu is a bargain.  Good to know: The underground parking garage can be a bit confusing and kind of feels like you’re driving down into the center of the earth. If you’re claustrophobic, your Spidey sense is going to be out of control. The first set of elevator banks in the garage will not only take you to the lobby for check-in, but also straight to the buffet. The elevators at the west end are closer to the casino and shopping. While some people are completely comfortable in their silver fox or cougar status, others may think the crowd is a little too young and rowdy. If your glory days were more than two decades ago, you may want to consider your threshold for drunken 20-something shenanigans. Opulence ain’t cheap, folks. While you may not have to auction your first-born child to pay your tab, this is definitely not the dollar store. But honestly, if money is what you’re worried about on your next trip to Vegas, you probably won’t stay here anyway. This is definitely a place for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Smoking anywhere within the Cosmopolitan is no longer allowed, you can however still light up while seated at a slot machine or while at a table game if it has a plexiglass divider, inside the sportsbook or if you’re sitting inside a lounge. What shows and concerts are playing at The Cosmopolitan?: Shows playing at The Cosmopolitan are Opium and seasonal concerts and headliners in the Chelsea Theater. What is there to do at The Cosmopolitan?: The Cosmopolitan has the Superfrico supper club, Dive In Movies at the Boulevard Pool, multiple bars with live entertainment, luxury shopping and the Marquee Nightclub. What makes The Cosmopolitan unique?: A foodie’s dream dripping in glitz and glamour, The Cosmopolitan has some of the best food on The Strip with an elegance that is unrivaled. Make sure you take a picture with one of the giant high-heeled shoes around the resort.



Cannery Hotel and Casino

Vs and two projector screens. Video game junkies can get their fix at the bar too. They have free Xbox 360 games to play. You can also find drinks at Pin-Ups Bar, which has live entertainment and an atmosphere that pays tribute to the post World War II pin-up girls. There are enough restaurants at The Cannery to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Waverly’s Steakhouse delivers steaks, chops and seafood with traditional sides. Awaken your taste buds with chile verde, mole poblano and other delicious Mexican dishes in Casa Cocina. Featuring authentic flavors from Italy, Vino’s Ristorante cooks up pasta — and you can get a slice of mouthwatering pizza from Vino’s Pizzeria. Classic American favorites are served 24 hours a day at Victory’s Café, and if you still can’t decide on a specific cuisine, go to the Cannery Row Buffet, which prepares an array of flavorful foods from all over the world.



The Signature at MGM Grand – All Suites

at MGM Grand — like the Grand Pool complex. We recommend you do this because even though each tower at The Signature has its own heated outdoor pool, the one at MGM Grand is tricked out — it boasts five pools and a 1,000-foot-long lazy river. If you’re hungry and don’t feel like going over to MGM Grand or the Strip, try Delights. This deli located in the second tower serves a lot more than just sandwiches. You can get a good skillet scramble for breakfast or one of several different pastas for dinner. And when you’re looking to relax with a drink, check out The Lounge, a swanky bar located in the first tower.   Got a coffee craving? Now there’s a coffee maker in your suite, but if you don’t feel like brewing your own cup, head to Delights. Good to know: Regarding those fabulous balconies, you’ll have to drag a chair out if you want to sit outside. There’s no patio furniture on them. Thanks to the guarded gate, it can feel strange arriving at The Signature at MGM Grand-All Suites the first time. You’ll be given a pass there and told which tower you’re in. There is no self-parking area at The Signature, but self-parking is available at MGM Grand. Parking fees will apply. Speaking of walking, expect to do a fair amount when you stay at The Signature. Consisting of three identical towers, it typically takes at least 10 minutes to walk from the farthest one to MGM Grand. The towers are all linked together and connected to the megaresort via moving walkways. Of course, MGM Grand is huge in itself, so once you get there you’ll have to do more walking. Oddly enough, even though the suites at The Signature come with either kitchenettes or full kitchens, you’re not going to find any dishware, silverware or cooking utensils in them. You’ll have to ask at the front desk on arrival or call the concierge to get those delivered. There is no charge for this, and you may request any number of plates, glasses, pots, pans and more that you desire. This is a non-smoking hotel. Guests who light up in their room will be assessed a cleaning fee upon checkout. Smoke in designated areas, such as MGM Grand’s casino next door.



Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa

you’re practically a hop, skip and a jump from several major megaresorts — like Bellagio, Horseshoe Las Vegas, Caesars Palace and The Cromwell. You’re also almost next door to The LINQ Promenade (you might even catch a glimpse of its signature attraction, the High Roller observation wheel, from your window). In addition, if you stay at The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa, you can look forward to a combination of relaxation and laid-back fun. The relaxation comes from the Hibiscus Spa, which has a sauna and steam room (you are allowed to use these as part of the resort fee). This spa is a great place for head-to-toe pampering. Enjoy a variety of massages, body treatments, facials and salon services — like the Tranquil Escape Detoxifying Mud Mask, which you may need to help you recover after a wild night on the town. You’ll find the hotel’s outdoor heated pool just a few steps from the spa. Four private cabanas and plenty of deck chairs surround it. What better place to while away an afternoon? Alternatively, if you want to keep up your exercise schedule, you can do so in the fitness studio. Burn off calories on an array of treadmills, stationery bikes and elliptical machines. After your workout, or really any time you feel a hunger pang, head to Savona. Open 24 hours, this restaurant features American-style cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, there are daily specials, a kids’ menu, late-night eats and a variety of desserts. Coffee, pastries and sandwiches are also available around the clock at Starbucks, which is located next to the hotel’s gift shop. Unlike a typical Las Vegas hotel, the Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is non-gaming.  The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is also known for catering to business travelers. There’s an excellent business center here as well as plenty of space for meetings, conventions or special events. A quiet retreat with proximity to one of the most exhilarating streets in the world (and all of its wonderful attractions), The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa not only has the rep, but much more.



Treasure Island – TI Hotel & Casino, a Radisson Hotel

t you get when you stay here – and it’s hard to beat. Treasure Island is the affordable option in a sea of five-star resorts (sitting just across the street are Wynn Las Vegas, Encore, The Venetian and The Palazzo). Treasure Island is also convenient to shopping (well hello there neighbor…Fashion Show mall) and other hot stuff like The Mirage’s erupting volcano. There’s a little bit of country in all of us, so you won’t have to be a country music fan to have a great time at Gilley’s Saloon, Dance Hall & Bar-B-Q. You’ll get your kicks line dancing, listening to live bands or just checking out the gorgeous Gilley Girls in their trademark chaps. After you’ve knocked back a few beers to fortify your courage, hop in the saddle of the mechanical bull.    Insider tips: If you’re coming to Treasure Island by car to see “Mystère,” it’s easiest to self-park because the entrance from the garage leads directly to the box office and theater. Park on level three where there’s a covered walkway that goes right into the resort. Although entering is no sweat, be forewarned because when the show lets out there’s a traffic jam of people in this area. At T.I., a major retail center literally awaits on each corner. Head through the sports book and out to Spring Mountain Road, where the escalator and pedestrian bridge will take you directly to the Fashion Show mall. On the other two corners on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard, you’ll find the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian | The Palazzo and the Esplanades at Wynn and Encore. Treasure Island is connected to The Mirage by a free tram (a great way to save your legs and some cash). Good to know: If you’re arriving at peak check-in times (usually between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m.), be prepared to wait. Lines are often long at checkout time too. So unless you have an issue or need a receipt, it’s best to check out electronically. Treasure Island isn’t an upscale hotel brand so you won’t find celebrity chefs or high-end boutiques on the premises. But that doesn’t matter because all of those things are within walking distance. What shows and concerts are playing at Treasure Island?: Shows at Treasure Island include: Mystère by Cirque du Soleil and Drag Brunch at Senor Frog’s. What is there to do at Treasure Island?: Kids big and small will enjoy the interactive superhero attraction at Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. What makes Treasure Island unique?: The uniquely versitile Señor Frogs second story patio has become a central party hotspot. Oh, and the big pirate ship out front…we don’t have too many in the modern-day desert.